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The Boerboel is a member of the mastiff family which originates from South Africa, a mollosian dog which means he is large & very powerful in appearance. He was bred over the ages as a guard dog primarily, his name translated means farmers dog ,one of the most popular breeds in South Africa for guarding the homestead. A majestic dog he is the most agile of the mastiff breeds ,the Boerboel should be loyal calm & steady. sometimes referred to as velcro dogs as they tend not to stray far from your side.


Intelligent & energetic great with children & brought up & introduced properly will get on with all other pets. They can be quite charming when not being lazy but will not hesitate to defend their loved ones. The Boerboel does require firm training from an early age like any dog early socialization is key. These dogs are incredibly strong & sometimes do not make a good first time dog males can range from 65 -90 kgs 143 -198lbs females 50 - 65 kgs 110-140lbs height 24-28 inches .Boerboels thrive under positive training techniques & require human companionship & structure ,these dogs benefit from a respectful owner so research the breed in depth talk to owners breeders & ask yourself can you handle & dedicate alot of your time sometimes 10 -12 years of your life to one of these magnificent dogs, if the answer is yes you will not be disappointed .the Boerboel is a breed to behold.